Imam and Hadith Scholar Series – Set of 3 Books

The Imams and Hadith Scholars Series is an original contribution to the Islamic literary corpus; it draws upon the mainstream, orthodox understanding of Sunni Islam, showing the continuity and consistency of the scholarly verdicts issued by its eminent authorities. This series deals with disputed matters that have become fault lines of contention in the contemporary age, such as bid¸a, tawassul and Mawlid al-Nabī r. By taking the verdicts of the Imams and Hadith Scholars chronologically, the series allows one to look at these issues from an historical angle and thus trace the development of the consensus held by the scholars. In this way, this series is an important facilitator for the earnest seeker to determine where the truth lays. The significance of these books, therefore, cannot be overstated. Through the sincerity of this endeavour, we pray to Allah that the vociferous sectarianism that has blighted Muslim unity in our age can be curtailed, and some semblance of unity can be achieved.